#1113 Ambrosia Lobe                                             


A refin’ for Kevin B, this LHD Lobe has nice solid ambrosia wings and a mahogany, maple, purpleheart through-neck with rosewood fretboard.  Overall the body was pretty solid.  I’d say this piece of maple was actually more of a spalted quilt with a little bit of ambrosia.  There were a few areas that need a bit of shaping and a few minor fills, but all of this adds to the character!

Completed Work:

Bass stripped

Sanded and shaped

Holes/gaps/knots filled as required

Headstock sanded and inner reshaped

Enlarge p-up cavity

Level and radiussed fingerboard

P-up cavity re-routed


Oil and polish fingerboard

First Tru-Oil sand back.

Final Tru Oil sand and buff

Shield p-up and control cavity

Fabricate ebony nut and bridge

P-up refitted and wired.

Slot ebony nut and fit bridge

Re-string with Rotosound 77s

Final set up

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