#1134 Purpleheart Conq                                         


Here’s Scott’s Wishbass a Purpleheart Conq, one of the more ‘out there’ and rare Wishbass shapes.  This one has a Mahogany, Maple and Purpleheart neck and Jatoba fingerboard.  It has the optional rear controls, which is nice.

Overall this is a good solid bass; a couple of small issues, but it wouldn’t be what it is without that!  #1134 looks really nice after a little reshaping and the Purpleheart really ‘pops’! 

Work Completed:

Disassembled bass.

Lacquer stripped.

Shaping and sanding to 220 grit.

Reshaped inside of headstock.

Enlarge p-up route.

Headstock repaired.

Drill side jack input hole.

Level and radius fingerboard; sand to 600 grit.

Sand/Shape/fill body, neck and headstock to 600 grit.

Shield cavities with copper tape

Rewire with side input jack, vol and tone control.

Refit tuners.  Fit ebony control knobs

Spray nut and bridge black.

Refit bridge and nut.  Re-string.


Refit repainted nut and bridge.

Take ‘portrait’ shots.

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