As a ‘righty’ I find most left handed basses a little strange, but this is one crazy bass, owned by Larry and Patti.  The most striking feature is a large knotty piece of Ambrosia maple.  The neck is mahogany, purpleheart and maple with a persimmon ‘board.  Rear controls and an EMG Select J pick-up finish the features. 

Having discuss the refin, we decided to keep the top ‘rough’ and knotty and refine the bottom of the bass, hence the name ‘Jekyll and Hyde‘, although we could easily call it the ‘John Merrick’!   We went with a side jack, added a tone pot to the harness and replaced the Corian nut and bridge with ebony ones.  The top part  required a little epoxy to help stabilize everything in there, but I hope you agreed that the bass came up nicely and it is certainly one of a kind! 

This was a fun refin!

Work Completed:

Strip Bass of hardware

Sand/reshape body to 220 grit

Sand/reshape neck to 220 grit

Re-rout pick-up cavity

Sand fingerboard

radius fingerboard - 12”

Stabilize knot/top using epoxy.

Fill holes/gaps as required/appropriate

Seal wood


Sand back and polish

Shield cavities with copper tape

Spray cavity cover black

Fit string through ferrules

Drill recessed side jack input.

Fabricate ebony nut and bridge

Redo wiring harness with stepped vol/tone pot

Refit hardware

Final set up and photos

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#1152 “Jekyll and Hyde”