#1155 Cherry PB Lobe                                           

Here’s a hybrid model a mix of the Fantasy and the Lobe. 

This one has a Wild Cherry body with an African Mahogany neck with Maple and Purpleheart stringers and a Brazilian Jatoba fingerboard.  This has rear controls, so that will allow me to fit a tone pot along with the existing volume and then add a side jack.

Work completed:

Bass stripped of hardware.

Side jack hole drilled.

Allover sand and rough-in of new shape to 80 grit.

Sanded and shaped to 600 grit  

Fine tune shape

Fill gaps/cracks/holes

Sand and radius fingerboard

Sand and shape headstock

Seal bass


Rub down and sand to high grit.

Shield cavities with copper tape

Rewire with tone control

Fabricate ebony nut and bridge

Refit hardware

Final set-up


This bass is made from some very organic cherry with some wild grain, knots and figure.  Some of the wood was a little too rotten to leave in so I’ve shaped out a couple of areas, one the upper part of the lower bout and also around the neck and front lobe part.  The resulting areas have turned out pretty cool and enhance the overall vibe of this bass.  As you can see when sprayed with a little alcohol the color and grain of this bass is amazing.  It’s going to look great with a glossy Tru-OIl finish.

The shaping and sanding is now complete and went well.  The grain of the fretboard has really come out and looks very pretty indeed.   Just waiting to apply the second coat of sealer and then the long process of Tru-Oil application begins, but it will be worth it!

Hitting the bass with Tru-Oil now.  I’m at 12 coats and things are starting to look really pretty with the color and grain of the bass really coming out.  I’ll take it up to around 15 coats and then have a light rub down, before doing another 15 or so, before a final rub down and sand/polish to a high grit paper.

She’s shining nicely now and with copper tape in the cavities she’s ready for a new bridge and nut and then a rewire and reassemble.  Won’t be too much longer.

Electronics are back in, earthed, shielded and working.  Tuners have been reinstalled and I’ve cut and slotted a nut and fabricated a new bridge.  The bass has been restrung and the final set-up is complete.  Photos. Finished.

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