#1224 Spanish Cedar Lobe                                 Photos


#1224 is made from Spanish Cedar, with two solid wings.  The neck is the ‘standard’ mahogany, maple and purpleheart construction with a Ipe fingerboard.  Extensive reshaping has the bass looking as it does.

This bass has a rear cavity and a single EMG Select Jazz pick-up, which is wired to a six-position varitone with a volume control and side jack. 

An ebony nut and bridge, ebony control knobs, Schaller strap-locks and Rotosound 77s complete this refin

Completed Work:

Powder coat cavity cover

Strip bass of hardware

Shape/sand body to 220 grit

Shape/sand neck to  220 grit

Initial sand of fretboard to 220 grit

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand neck to 400 grit

Sand/radius fingerboard: 12”

Drill for side jack

Seal wood

Apply Tru-Oil

Sand-back and polish

Shield cavities with copper tape

Redo wiring harness; volume and varitone

Fabricate ebony nut and bridge

Refit hardware and final set-up


The lacquer was thick on this one but it still came off!  Quite a bit of reshaping on this one cutting belly and knee curves on the back, re-doing the neck to body contour, adding a slight forearm contour and reshaping the lower horn.  I’ve really integrated the upper lobe into the neck.

Because of the grain of the Spanish Cedar this one has required a lot of coats of TruOil to flatten things out.

This bass is very light and very resonant!  The Varitone gives an amazing pallete of tonal color.

One of the nicest basses to date!

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