#1226 Purpleheart PK Lobe                                              


An unusual Purpleheart PK Lobe with a very pretty 5 piece through-neck.  This bass has a Lace-Sensor pick-up and a BadAss V bridge.

Work summary:

Strip hardware, tag and bag.

Rough in shape using rasps.

Fine tune with scrapers and sander.

Overall sand at 80 grit

Rout cavity to recess p-up.

Repair and re-slot saddles to correct string spacing issues.

Reshape Neck and sand to 800 grit

Fill body cracks with epoxy

Powder coat rear cavity cover.

Body sanded to 220 grit.

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand neck to 400 grit

Re-dress and polish frets

Seal wood

Apply Tru-Oil

Sand-back and polish

Start re-assembly


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