#1230 Spalted Maple Stude                                


#1230 is a Stude model made from a couple of nice pieces of spalted Maple.  It has a mahogany, maple and purpleheart neck, with a purpleheart fingerboard.

I decided to retro fit a Soapbar to give the bass a little more ‘grunt’ and I added a tone control and side jack.  While I have fitted Rotosound 77 flatwound strings, I have epoxied the fingerboard for that extra bit of ‘mwah’.  This is a really nice bass.  Plays well, sounds great and it has a really nice natural organic feel, even with the epoxy on the ‘board!

Completed Work:

Strip Bass of hardware

Shape/sand body to 400 grit

Shape/sand neck to  400 grit

Initial sand of fretboard to 400 grit

Sand/radius fingerboard: 20”

Epoxy board

Rout for soapbar pick-up

Re-radius board post epoxy

Drill for side jack

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Seal wood

Apply Tru-Oil

Sand-back and polish

Shield cavities with copper tape

Redo wiring harness: vol/tone parallel/split/series

Fabricate ebony nut and bridge

Refit hardware and final set-up


I’ve shaped a small belly curve and reduced the thickness of the lower bout to make it a wee bit more ergonomic.

Again for this one I decided to epoxy the fingerboard.  The purpleheart should make that look real nice.

With not a lot of room for the addition of an additional p-up, I decided to replace the single J with a soap-bar, which will allow coil switching.

It’s a lot of sweat but the re-radiussing of the fingerboard is finished and the result is very pretty indeed.

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