#1403 Cyprus Hipper 5                                       Photos


Here’s Richard’s beautiful Cyprus Hipper 5.  Solid Cyprus wings with a maple, walnut and purpleheart neck.  A purpleheart board completes this bass.  This refin saw a little reshaping and the addition of an additional pick-up.  The control are V/V/T with a side jack input.  Final set-up was with an ebony nut and bridge...and did anyone mention the color change?

Work Completed:

Strip bass of hardware

Shape/sand body to 80 grit

Re-edges and re-contour back

Repair tear out on lower p-up cavity

Headstock repair

Drill for recessed side jack input

Clean-up pick-up rout

Add second J rout

Stain bass orange

Shape/sand body to 150 grit

Shape/sand neck to  220 grit

Sand of fretboard 220 grit/20” radius

Sand fingerboard to 800 grit and polish

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand/shape neck to 400 grit

Seal wood

Apply Tru-Oil

Sand-back and polish

Fit string thro’ ferrules

Redo wiring harness add tone control

Fabricate nut and bridge

Re-fit hardware and restring with Black Tapewound stings.

Final Set up


The rout for the pick-up has ‘torn’ out some of the wood at the top and bottom.  Getting a seamless repair is difficult, but I think I’ve got a nice way around it.  First step is to get everything stable.

The headstock came with a split between the purpleheart and walnut stringer right at the top.  An easy fix with some glue and a couple of clamps: as good as new!

At Richard’s request the bass has become orange!

This bass has soaked up more sealer than I’ve seen a bass do before!!  Finally getting some Tru-Oil on.

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