#1408 Walnut Lobe                                                  Photos


This is Mark’s Walnut Lobe.  The body is black walnut with a maple core.  This bass has a  walnut and purpleheart neck and purpleheart board.  This bass is here for a straight clean up and refin.  We’ll be leveling and radiussing the board, re-shaping the neck and cleaning up the curves.  An interesting feature of the bass is the rail/thumb rest.

Completed Work:

Remove nut and thumb rail

Shape/thin neck

Re-shape neck to body join

Re-contour/carve edges

Radius board - 12”

Sand board to 220 grit

Shape/sand body to 100 grit

Sand/radius board to 1000 grit

Shape/sand neck to 220 grit

Clean up pick-up rout

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand/shape neck to 400 grit

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Sand body to 800 grit   

Sand/shape neck to 800 grit

Sand/polish fingerboard to 4000 grit

Seal wood

Shield cavities

Fabricate walnut cavity cover

Fabricate new purpleheart thumb rail

Apply sealer and finish

Sand-back and polish

Redo wiring harness

Add three way switch

Fabricate nut and purpleheart bridge

Refit hardware

Final set up


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