#1416  Maple Lyre                                          Photos


A very unusual bass here owned by some bloke called Wishnevsky!  Definitely an unorthodox design, but the first things that hit me out the box is how good this bass sounded acoustically.  It came to Davesbassplace from North Carolina for a basic refin.  It was a lot of fun and the size of this bass added interest!

The bass has maple wings, with a walnut, maple and mahogany neck and purpleheat ‘board.  Post refin this bass sounds just as good!

Work Completed:

Strip bass of hardware

Shape/sand body to 80 grit

Clean-up pick-up rout

Shape/sand body to 150 grit

Shape/sand neck to  220 grit

Sand of fretboard 220 grit

Sand fingerboard to 800 grit and polish

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand/shape neck to 400 grit

Shield cavities

Powder-coat cavity cover

Seal wood

Apply Tru-Oil

Sand-back and polish

Redo wiring harness add tone control and Orange Drop cap.

Fabricate purpleheart nut and bridge

Refit hardware

Final set up

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