#669 Poplar Arrow                                                  

Here is a completed refin project: A Wishbass Arrow. 

#669 has a poplar body with a walnut/purpleheart neck and a purpleheart fingerboard.  This is a fairly straight forward refin.  The pick-up was so tight in the cavity that in order to shield it properly I am going to have to enlarge the cavity top and bottom.  I’ll also be making and fitting a replacement ebony nut and bridge as well as installing new wiring a varitone and it goes without saying lots of sanding and shaping!

Work undertaken:
    Bass stripped of hardware 
    Finish removed with Citistrip
    Sanded with 80-grit
    Neck to body join reshaped with luthier’s rasp
    Body contour sanding/reshaping
    Sanding/shaping to 220-grit
    Radius and sand fingerboard to 220-grit
    Fill/glue gaps where appropriate - (with black and oak lacquer)
    Sand fingerboard to 1200 grit
    Ebony nut and bridge completed
    Pick-up route enlarged to allow full shielding
    Sanding/shaping to 400-grit
    Fabricate control cavity cover
    Seal body
    Apply Tru-oil
    Oil finish fingerboard
    Drill control cover
    Install new harness and variable tone and wire to pick-up
    More Tru-oil
    Re-string, set-up and final prep.

One of the hardest fingerboards I’ve come across to radius and sand.  Boy I’ve had a work out!
The poplar is quite soft so it is easy to work with but easy to mark!
I’ve started to fill the gap/holes/etc with lacquer which looks good and sands very smooth.  It also sets very hard unlike some fillers.
The original fit of the pick-up was too tight to allow for proper shielding of the cavity so this has been enlarged on either end by approx 1/16th of an inch.
The poplar is sucking up the sealer like nobody’s business!
I’ve fabricated a walnut cavity cover - I like the contrast!
Tru-oil is going on nicely.
The bass has come together nicely - playing, sounding, looking good and ready to go back to Frank after a photo-session.

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