#906 Zebra Wood Lobe


#906 is a Lobe made from Zebra-wood  The five piece neck is the ‘standard’ mahogany, maple and purpleheart construction with a nice Jatoba fingerboard.  This bass has a front control cavity, which came with the original aluminum plate and which, I now replaced with a nice piece of Zebra-wood.  The width of the neck at the nut is 1.75”

I decided to go with a dual J set-up which, I have wired Vol/Vol/Tone.  I have also add series parrallel switching via a pull up switch on the neck volume control.  The headstock on this one is shorter and seems wider than usual ones I’ve seen - quite nice! 

I spent a lot of time on the fingerboard on this one; leveling, re-radiussing, sanding and finished with epoxy which really brings out the rich orange brown color of the Jatoba.  

Final touches were copper cavity shielding, string ferrules, strap-locks and I added an ebony nut, a Zebra-wood bridge and flat-wounds that complete what is a very nice bass.  This bass is a tone monster with loads of sustain.  It plays very nicely indeed.  The action is low for a Wishbass, with great mwaah! 

I’m very pleased as to how this one turned out.

Completed Work:

Stripped Bass of hardware

Shape/sand body to 150 grit

Shape/sand neck to  150 grit

Initial sand of fretboard to 150 grit

Strip Bass of hardware

Shape/sand body to 400 grit

Shape/sand neck to  400 grit

Initial sand of fretboard to 400 grit

Sand/radius fingerboard: 20”

Epoxy fingerboard

Re-rout original pick-up cavity

Rout for second pick-up

Re-radius fingerboard (20”) post epoxy application

Polish ‘board

Drill for side jack

Filled holes/gaps as required.

Seal wood

Fabricate cavity cover

Apply Tru-Oil

Sand-back and polish

Shield cavities with copper tape

Redo wiring harness V/V/T with sprague orange drop and series/parallel switching

Fabricate ebony nut and zebrawood bridge

Refit hardware

Final set-up

Here’s my post refin video demo.  The sound was a little much for my cameras built in mic but I think you get a good feel for the sound and tonal flexibilty of this bass.

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