KR Guitars Ursa ‘XL’


Kevin Robertson builds his guitars in Vallejo, CA.  The ‘XL’ started as a concept of putting the range of a six string into four.  This was achieved by using a Hipshot Xtender on the 4th string to allow a drop to ‘B’ and extending the fretboard to 29 frets, therefore achieving the octave ‘C’ of a six string and hence the addition of the ‘XL‘ to the name.

The pick-ups are matched QTuners, which feature neodymium magnets and individual pole piece adjustment.  The bass is passive, but with the tonal range of an active. 

The construction of the bass is neck through with a quilted maple top, flamed (or tiger) maple back and a cedar core.  The fret board is macassar ebony and the frets are stainless steel.  The frets are fanned 35” to 34” (E to G) subtle but nice! or for more info.