Larry’s Wishnevsky Mandolin


The following are progress shots:

After overall sanding of the body and re-carving of the neck, the gaps between the neck and the body were filled using inserts.

The headstock was uneven and there was very little distance between the tuner holes  on the treble side and the edge, so a maple veneer was added to thicken things up.

Room for one more clamp?  Once the glue has dried the hole will be re-routed and the veneer will be sanded flush with the sides.

Clamps off!

This was the thinnest side of the headstock.

Other side still needing a little tidying up.

Recarved neck to body join with fill, but before final sand.

A bit of scraping has really brought out the figure of the back

More figure on the sides.

Front post fine sand

Rear post fine sand

Headstock routed and reshaped

The front after application of sealer

The back after application of sealer

Here’s something a little different from a Wishbass: a Wishnevsky Mandolin, owned by Larry.

Work to date:

Strip hardware

Fill neck body join gaps

Reshape neck body join

Add veneer to rear of headstock.

Cut, rout and sand headstock to shape,

Shape, scrape and sand body and neck to 600 grit.

Seal body and neck

Redrill/resize tuner holes.

Sand back post seal.

Application of TruOil.

Sandback and polish

Refit hardware and strings.



                                                                                          Un-refinished condition

Post sand back and polish

Post sand back and polish

Post sand back and polish

Post sand back and polish