New Build


I’ve been asked the same question quite a few times now: “when are you going to build your own guitar?”.  Well my first three guitars are now underway!

I’ve currently do not have a firm timescale for completion, but I’m looking forward to having something that’s playable in the not too distant future! 

This is all a learning process for me, helped quite a lot from the skills I’ve acquired with my refinishing work.

My first three basses will be traditional in shape with 5 strings, two pick-ups, 21 frets. The body are poplar with maple necks and rosewood boards.  That’s about as much as I know right now, but I’m looking forward to keeping this page updated with my progress as the year moves on, so stay tuned!


It starts here: Three poplar blanks, cut and planed to size

Body #1 routed for p-ups and neck

Body #2 routed for p-ups and neck

Body roundovers completed