#TBA Bubinga Fantasy                                        Photos


A real blank canvas with this one: an unfinished, fretted Bubinga Fantasy for you!  I’m calling this one the B Fantasy.

The body is very pretty striped bubinga.  The neck is purpleheart and maple and the fretted fingerboard is purpleheart. 

This bass was an unfinished custom order, so there is still quite a bit of work to do.  In particular the neck and headstock needs carved/finished.  This bass was received without hardware.  My initial thoughts with this one are to go with a fixed bridge or at least individual bridge pieces and maybe add a truss rod.

There will be more picture to follow:

Work to do:

Finish bass!

Completed Work:

Remove fretboard ahead of planing and routing for truss rod.

Bass planed to reduce thickness.

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