Refinishing Tools


I thought some folks might be interested to see the sort of tools, equipment and materials that I use during my refins.  This is now little out of date now and not a definitive list but it covers a lot of the items I’ll use over the course of a refin.

Cutting/wood removal:

B&D jig-saw

Rigid Trim router,

B&D Handisaw,

B&D RTX Rotary Tool.

Sanding/wood removal:

Rigid ¼ Sheet Sander

2 x B&D Mouse detail sanders

B&D RTX Rotary Tool


Soldering irons x 2 - one flat bit or pointed bit

B&D Hand Driver

Butane Torch

Misc Tools:

Screwdrivers: cross and flat-head

Stanley Knife and quick trim blade

Square, precision steels rule, steel rule


Various hand picks


Needle nose pliers

Nut files (double sided)

Micro screw driver set

Jewelers screwdriver set

Horse hair brush

Selection of clamps (under bench)

Dust extraction/ clean-up:

20 gal wet/dry shop vac

detail vac

Husky 155psi air compressor

Blow off nozzle.

Wrenches - small and medium


Precision hand saw

Drafting instruments

Wire stripper/cutter

Radius blocks

Neck Stand

Hex keys (metric and imp)

Safety glasses - very important!!

Safety goggles - very important!!

Shop safety gloves - important

Sanding/wood removal:

Coarse to X/Fine sanding pads

Micro mesh paper

Micro mesh finger pads

Abrasive chord

Planing rasp

Sanding block

Double sided tape

Tool makers plane

Dust mask - very important!!

Assorted files and rasps (not shown)


Storage containers

Pliers, pipettes, ,measuring cups

Router bits

Truss rod tools (not for Wishbasses!)



Steel wool (0000)

Big hammer, big saw

Prep and finish:

Furniture powders

Swirl remover

Fine cutting paste

Fretboard finishing oil

Wood glues

Clear Poly/lacquer

Black paint matt and semi-gloss

Wood putty

Tru-oil FInish and sealer

Gorilla Glue

Epoxies (30sec and 30min)


Dust off Air Can

‘Box of bits’

Rotary tool bits

Flush jack, regular jacks

Strap button felts

Assorted capacitors

Assorted Pots

Box of hardware:

P-up mounting screws

Pickguard screws - black and chrome

Assorted knobs - wood, metal, plastic

Nuts and washers

Assorted small screws - black and chrome

Straplocks/strap buttons

String Ferules

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