No S/N Maple Hipper                                        Photos


This Hipper was a custom order but the previous owner did not have the time to finish it.  The bass was ordered with out lacquer and hardware.  This bass is spalted curly maple with a maple and walnut three piece neck.  The fingerboard is Ipe.

I’m still deciding on what the final layout of this one will be, but  I’ve decided to go with a lined fretless and add a MM style pick-up to bass.  The next decision is in terms of the the bridge!  The through holes are a little uneven so for starters I’ll drill and plug these before making any final decision.

Work to do:

FIne sand fingerboard

Seal wood


Sand-back and polish

Shield cavities with copper tape

Redo wiring harness

Refit hardware

Fabricate Ebony nut and bridge

Final set-up

Completed Work:

Shape/sand neck to 220 grit

Shape/sand/carve body to 220 grit

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand neck to 400 grit

Powder coat cavity cover

Rout for MM pick-up

Fill holes/gaps as required.

Sand body to 400 grit   

Sand neck to 400 grit

Measure and cut slots for position lines

Drill and plug existing string through holes

Install position markers

Cut rout for purpleheart inlay over rear string thro’ plugs

Make inlay and fit


I’ve spent a lot of time re-carving the body of this one, both the top and the back, trying to give it complimentary lines to the overall shape.  I’ve carved the back to be almost ‘Thumb’ like with quite a deep belly curve across the back.  I’ve also re-done the edges to have a flat edge with a regular round-over.

It’s hardly a Wishbass without some purpleheart!  I decided to tidying things up on the rear where the string through plugs are and I have routed and inlayed a piece of purpleheart to cover these up.  it’s come up quite nicely!

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